Modern Architecture | Vipp Prefab Homes & Cabins

by Andrew Smith September 06, 2018

Modern Architecture | Vipp Prefab Homes & Cabins

For a while now I’ve been admiring this stunning little prefab house. This beautiful piece of modern architecture has turned up on my Pinterest feed multiple times and it’s taken until now to track down it's origin. So firstly, where did this prefab cabin come from? Well after a bit of research (and seeing the brand on the side of the cabin) I was excited to discover that it’s been developed by a company called Vipp, a designer home decor business in Copenhagen. Essentially Vipp designed this masterpiece to showcase their products. The shelter comes completely fitted out with all the necessary aspects of minimal luxury living - it's completely equiped with bedding, kitchen utensils and almost any other product Vipp makes. 

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The overall design is ridiculously minimal, making any getaway a truly relaxing experience. The construction and delivery process means installation can happen within a few days – you only need to sort out where you want to put it. Typically Vipp cabins are ready to go once power and services are connected. The size is 55m2 (similar to a generous hotel room) with a steel grid structure that supports a two level space. There is only one bedroom loft which is not contained within the main level social zone. 

For more photos and a video on the prefabrication process and site installation keep reading. See how this piece of architecture easily adapts to any environment and can be setup in just a few days.

The Vipp prefab cabin is not exactly cheap, but it’s extremely well spec’d. The price is only 485,000 Euros, 585,000USD or 814,000AUD - the only extras being the cost of shipping, delivery, mounting and installation as well as crane rental. Freight and installation is all done by Vipp’s experienced team. The really exciting news is that Vipp is making the shelter available worldwide, it’s highly versatile and can fit into almost any landscape or natural conditions. Orders are currently being filled in approximately 6 months - so what are you waiting for!

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