New brand & design for Mailchimp | By Collins

October 14, 2018

New brand & design for Mailchimp | By Collins

If you're into email marketing you've probably already seen the new brand and design system for Mailchimp. It's a great piece of work by one of my favourite design agencies Collins. They still definitely feel like the new kid on the block - so it’s hard to believe they were founded in 2001 making them nearly 18years old. They were set up way back then to help businesses and creators easily send email marketing. Today, Mailchimp has really grown up and is now recognised as one of the world’s best marketing platforms. There’s the continued advancement of their incredible email service, but now also powerful and sophisticated marketing tools for businesses of every size.

Mailchimp as a technology company has always had a distinct edge - they made their logo a chimpanzee named Freddie and never looked back. To mark their coming of age, Mailchimp invited Collins to help them evolve their brand and to fuel their continued business transformation. The result is an even stronger quirkier brand that combines both humor and a dash of absurdity. The solution amplifies Mailchimp as a beacon for its customers, a message to growing brands that growing up doesn’t mean erasing your peculiarities. The evolution retains all the elements that endeared the brand to its first fervent fans while creating space for Mailchimp to grow and speak with greater authority to a wider audience.

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