Brand Design System | Vitaminwater by Collins

September 28, 2018

Brand Design System | Vitaminwater by Collins

After 20years in the market (yup time flies) vitaminwater asked Collins to revitalize their brand with a refreshed strategy, design system and visual language. The brand needed an injection of energy in order to keep competing with the high number of copycat brands.

Collins felt they needed to reinvigorate the magic that made them so iconic in the first place. The the new solution would leverage their existing iconic label, push their bold tone of voice, and support the endless variety of flavors. It was crucial to claim back their personality, and firmly position them as a champion of vibrancy. 

Vibrancy of personality, expression, and identity — an idea that was natural to their brand and something the world could use a little more of. The incredible vitaminwater brand book is the exclamation point at the end of that process. It’s part history, part strategy, and part guidelines, it’s told in vitaminwater’s unmistakeable cheeky voice, and best of all it uses the new vivid and optimistic visual identity. It’s an incredible piece of work and worthy of all the praise it’s received. Nice work Collins.

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