Graphic Contemporary Art By Massimo Colonna

by Andrew Smith July 27, 2018

Graphic Contemporary Art  By Massimo Colonna

If you're a purest minimalist and love contemporary graphic art then Massimo Colonna’s new work will make your feet tingle with excitement. The stark simple compositions have a slight modernist 1940s and 50s aesthetic, using classic architectural references and an almost zen-like approach to the composition. This is then complimented with a quirky sense of suspended motion. The presence of the feather-light solitary balloon, the bouncing basketball or the paper planes flying in formation all create a mesmerising sense of tension, particularly when they are set against their static surrounds. It's beautiful, simple and contemplative.

If you're feeling indulgent you can even purchase them from The Cool Hunter. 

Graphic Art Massimo ColonaContemporary Graphic Art Massimo Colona

Andrew Smith
Andrew Smith


I am a Creative Director living and working in New Zealand, I have a special interest in travel and landscape photography, I also produce presets for Adobe Lightroom.

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