Graphic art

by Andrew Smith February 01, 2018

Graphic art

Finding design inspiration in fine art

For years the world of fine art has been a source of inspiration for both fashion and graphic designers. The uninhibited and expressive nature of this work can provide a unique ignition point for many creative explorations and ideas. This bespoke thinking helps brands and products to refresh the way they position themselves and subsequently create a refreshed personality. This in turn then helps them find a unique position in many of the busy market places. I've included a few of my favourite abstract graphic artists below. Just click on their name to link through to their websites to see more work and products.

Kristin Texeira 

Kristin Texeira Website

Kristin Texeira is a New York based painter and who tell stories through highly graphic and colourful mark marking. She preserves memories as tangible "maps" and describes her process as a way to remember. 

“Through subtle shifts in colors or ranges of contrasting colors, I attempt to create something familiar, and—at the same time—something entirely elusive and intangible, like a forgotten word on the tip of one's tongue. My colors blend and bounce off of each other. They tell of a person or place's ambiguous history. This vagueness is complemented by specifics in my writing, which—while focusing on a moment's singular identity and tender details—leaves much to the viewers' interpretation.

She uses color, shape and design to help decipher new places when traveling, and the people she meets along the way. "Through color I am trying to remedy nostalgia; my paintings are the vessels that ferry viewers back in time, so they can encounter a moment again and again."

Graphic art studio Kristin Texeira


graphic art


Ashley Goldberg

Ashley Goldberg Website

The beautiful work of Ashley Goldberg draws inspiration from and nature and story telling. Her fine art prints are graphically simple, but always utilise a sophisticated or minimalist color palette. She focuses on painting, illustration, pattern design, and portraiture. All the work has a particular emphasis on mark making and color exploration.

Ashley Goldberg fine art Graphic art design and textureAshley Goldberg Notebook designAshley Goldberg Abstract Design

John Hoyland

John Hoyland Website

John Hoyland (1934-2011) was one of the leading British painters of his generation. His highly expressive abstract works use dynamic colour combinations with layered texture and detail. Art critic William Feaver wrote, ‘His career was decisively influenced in the late 1950s and 1960s by his experience of American Abstract Expressionism. But as an artist and a man he was enough of an individual to be able to knowingly absorb and deflect those influences, and set himself on his own path.

John Hoyland graphic artJohn Hoyland Fine art

Ophelia Pang

Ophelia Pang Website

Ophelia has had a life long love of colour and shapes, she spent time visualising beautiful compositions of colors and decided to begin documenting them on her iPad. Her inspiration comes from almost anything she sees in daily life. She adores bold colors and shapes often painting directly on canvases.

Ophelia Pang Design Texture Pattern Fine ArtOphelia Pang Jellybean artGraphic Black Designgeometric abstract design

Andrew Smith
Andrew Smith


I am a Creative Director living and working in New Zealand, I have a special interest in travel and landscape photography, I also produce presets for Adobe Lightroom.

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