Hello Business Card Design - Editable PDF Template

June 16, 2018

Hello Business Card Design - Editable PDF Template

The new 'Hello' series of business card templates are now available on Abukoo. They have an easy to use and quirky style all wrapped up in an editable pdf template. The content can be easily be updated using Acrobat Reader, which means you don't need design software on your computer. To get started all you need to do is download Acrobat Reader, (most people already have it - if you don't then it's free to download here). The pdf template has all the fonts embedded into it so you don't need to load them on to your computer. The pack has three different abstract 'Hello' designs in green blue and red, you can then edit the greeting to anything you like. If you're traveling you might like to change the greeting to Japanese or Spanish, or any other country you're visiting. Please be aware that these designs don't include the finished printed cards, printing can be down through places like moo.com.

These new templates are now set up in two formats to make life even easier:
1. No crop marks and perfect sizing for easy printing on moo.com
2. Traditional crop marks for standard printing.

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