Home Office | Design by Pod Space

by Andrew Smith July 03, 2020

Home Office | Design by Pod Space

Working from home never looked so good

With much of the world in lockdown, Covid has sent millions of people home to work. Corporate offices, and CBD's are eerily quite with the metro hum being pushed in the suburbs. Our homes have become a new sanctuary from the world, and working at home has become the new norm. These events have dramatically changed how the world operates, and there is no sign of it changing anytime soon. So what does this mean for the worlds work force? It means our the new corporate offices are next-door to kitchens or perhaps out the back in a shed. The home office has now become a crucial factor in our vocational survival.

With that said, a number of companies have been extremely well positioned to capitalise on this growth. Pod Space is exactly that company, with an impressive Red Dot design solution for exterior home work spaces. Please enjoy their incredible range outlined below - or you can learn more about Pod Space here.

Glide Pod

W 5.72m x D 3.85m x H 2.5m
£33,790.00 + VAT for build and installation

The Glide Pod was winner of the international Red Dot design award, it's stunning both visually and functionally. The design is clean, modern provides a stylish focal point to any landscape or garden. The Glide Pod also features a modern sliding louvered screen. It's fully insulated to reduce any heat loss, and is extremely energy efficient. The pod can also integrate with renewables (green energy) to provide further cost savings on heating and cooling. Each pod also offers high levels of acoustic insulation making them ideal for quiet study rooms, productive workspaces or music rooms.

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Eco Pod

W 7.92m x D 3.95m x H 4.0m
£59,890.00 + VAT for build and installation


The Eco Pod is an impressive eco-friendly structure which has helped add to the string of awards they have received. The Eco Pod fits seamlessly into the natural surroundings of your garden, making it the perfect addition to your home. 

This design is spacious enough to facilitate different work or leisure pursuits, the Eco Pod lends itself perfectly to design studios or a pool house. The high level acoustic insulation make it perfect for a music room or podcast studio. Eco Pods can also be constructed with separate defined spaces making them ideal for more than one individual.

The exterior is sustainably sourced Siberian Larch modern rain screen cladding offers outstanding durability and longevity whilst optional large roof lights flood the space with ambient light. As with all Pod Space buildings, the Eco Pod can be designed and customised to meet various needs a customer may have.

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Neo Pod

W 3.2m x D 2.5m x H 2.5m
£17,980.00 + VAT for build and installation

The new Neo Pod is unlike anything else available, it combines the best and latest technology, architectural design and building materials available. The Neo Pod is at the forefront of Pod building design. It's sleek eye-catching exterior opens to reveal a spacious and comfortable interior. This office the perfect solution for business meeting hubs or perfect compact home office.

The position of full height, full width windows and doors can be adjusted to suit the pod’s location. The design makes the most of the space available, creating a clam highly designed environment to focus on nay special project. The new Neo Pod gives you a fantastic stylish addition to your landscape, creating a versatile multiple purpose space to enjoy. This makes it perfect for working from home, create more space for your employees, or simply create space away from the crowd.

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Home Pod

W 21m x D 8.05m x H 2.9m (with canopy)
W 16.98 x D 6.49m x H 2.9m (excl. canopy)

Pod Space also have years of design and build experience working with homeowners to create unique self-contained residential spaces. They apply the same principals to any new residential buildings; essentially designed with convenience in mind, or as a quick solution for commercial clients to provide additional accommodation hotels, holiday parks or leisure destinations.

The home pod features all of the quality and attention to detail for which Pod Space are renowned for but packaged into a modular solution. The standard Home Pod has two bedrooms, en-suite with a shower for the master bedroom and separate w.c / shower room. For smaller areas there’s also an option to reconfigure things for a smaller one bedroom space. The remaining open plan area is accessed from a recessed entrance and each zone for kitchen, dining and living area has the advantage of the full height glazing to take in the best of the views and light available.

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