House Design | Modern Exterior

by Andrew Smith March 18, 2021

House Design | Modern Exterior

House Design Inspiration.

Designing a new house can be challenging, big decisions like the exterior cladding is one you don't want to get wrong. This choice impacts the overall visual appearance (yep you'll be looking at it everyday), the homes long term durability, level of insulation and importantly how it fits with the surrounding environment. This collection work showcases the subtle variations and nuances exterior design can have on the overall project. I've included a project link back to the architects who created them so you can dig into the detail if something captures your eye. 

Above: Madakat Compound - Architecture by Workshop APD

Modern Architecture | gnocchi danesi architecture

Above: Mountain Refuge - Concept by Massimo Gnocchi and Paolo Danesi

House design | Chesire Architecture

Above: Cowes Bay House, Waiheke Island, New Zealand - Design by Chesire Architecture

Modern Farmhouse | LTD Architecture

Above: Puhoi House, New Zealand - Design by LTD Architecture

House design | Claxton Marsh Architecture

Above: Avant Garde Net Zero House - Design by Claxton Marsh Architecture

Modern House Design | Architecture by Tecture

Above: BBW House - Architecture by Tecture

House design | Timber Cladding - Larrou Architecture

Above: AKA Patagonia - Design by Larrou Architecture

Andrew Smith
Andrew Smith


I am a Creative Director living and working in New Zealand, I have a special interest in travel and landscape photography, I also produce presets for Adobe Lightroom.

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