Travel Photography | Beach Exploration

by Andrew Smith August 17, 2018

Travel Photography | Beach Exploration

If you get the chance to travel to New Zealand it's definitely worth heading up past Auckland to Omaha Beach. There's a bunch of well equipped 'baches' often available for rent on AirBnB. They make a perfect home base for photography explorations. The surrounding scenery is amazing, and the best part is great coffee is available at the store. There's also a huge number of vine yards and eateries are only a few minutes drive away. So grab your camera and book a creative weekend away, it's worth the trip (particularly if you're flying in from overseas). I've included a few shots below that will wet your appetite.

Ocean landscape New ZealandTravel Photography
New Zealand Beach Photography

Travel photography New Zealand Beaches

Landscape Travel Photography

Black and white travel photography

Beach photography

New Zealand travel photography

New Zealand Sunset Photography

Andrew Smith
Andrew Smith


I am a Creative Director living and working in New Zealand, I have a special interest in travel and landscape photography, I also produce presets for Adobe Lightroom.

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