New Flickr mobile looks amazing with Cuba Gallery photography

April 20, 2014

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Hi, my name is Andrew I'm a design director and photographer based in New Zealand. I specialise in environmental and travel photography. I have a strong background in design which heavily influences my work, I love graphic use of color, light, and composition. Over the past few years I have also been drawn to image processing techniques which I share with other photographers through social media. 

I enjoy collaborating on projects, so if you have something that requires a unique image, or set of images then feel free to send me an email. There is a full portfolio of images available for licensing.

Click here to email me!

Andrew Smith
Andrew Smith


1 Comment

Canon EOS M
Canon EOS M

May 03, 2014

This is crazy!

I follow you on flickr for you have some awesome stuff posted. Out of habit, I first check my recent activity; then pictures of ppl I follow; and finally the flickr blog.

Today, I stumbled on a picture posted by you and decided to check your other recent stuff. I looked and the first thing that crossed my mind was – man it is only a matter of time that this bloke will be on the flickr blog. I then go to the blog as I always do before signing out – and there you are.

Your stuff is super awesome. The camera is your slave and the guy who said he would like to be your student was not the only one who felt that way.

Keep it going. Your fans love your work!

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