Adobe Lightroom Beach landscape with people. Before & After

January 09, 2011

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Hi, my name is Andrew I'm a design director and photographer based in New Zealand. I specialise in environmental and travel photography. I have a strong background in design which heavily influences my work, I love graphic use of color, light, and composition. Over the past few years I have also been drawn to image processing techniques which I share with other photographers through social media. 

I enjoy collaborating on projects, so if you have something that requires a unique image, or set of images then feel free to send me an email. There is a full portfolio of images available for licensing.

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This image really helps describe the vast beauty New Zealand has to offer. As with the previous post this image was taken high above the beach from a cliff top. You get a real sense of scale with this image, the people help give a reference point to show how vast and empty the beach is. The Lightroom processing in this image was pretty simple, I boosted both the saturation and vibrancy adjustments, and then added some shape to the image with gradient filters. The gradient filters have lighten the foreground and created a nice glow around the people below. This helps focus your eyes and stops the image becoming too flat. For all you surfers out there, yes New Zealand has some amazing beaches.

After Processing

Before Processing

Andrew Smith
Andrew Smith


1 Comment


April 08, 2013

Hello Andrew,

I’m Helen, a magazine editor from the Brand Union Co.,Ltd.

Things are this way, our magazine has a column which named_Landscape Photography, we will collect the gorgeous works from excellent photographers all over the world. We have seen your works on the internet, and have been deeply impressed by them. Such as the [Bench Landscape].

We are especially interested in your works which are in perfect match with our theme. So, we wonder whether you could send them to us for publishing. We just need five pictures.

I will attach the front pdf of our magazine, please download it.

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