Font & Typography Design | By VJ Type Foundry

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Font & Typography Design | By VJ Type Foundry

The Violaine & Jérémy studio recently launched a fantastic new font offer - the VJ-Type foundry. Violaine & Jérémy specialise in design, typography and font creation, and recently committed to started a bespoke type foundry. Many of the fonts now available for license are custom fonts they produced for commercial projects already delivered. Many designers will now be excited to hear those bespoke fonts are now available for license. As designers their passion is clearly evident, approaching each design with their own artistic style and sensibility. They focus on creating strong and distinctive fonts, that help produce highly memorable results. Their work is perfect if you need something special for new or unique client or looking for some true X factor - the VJ-type foundry is definitely the right place to look. I've included some of the new font sets below as a teaser. 


Love typeface was designed in 2018 in Paris by Jérémy Schneider. A display typeface, with beautiful contrasting elements created by its big counter-forms and thin stems.

Love typeface designLove font designLove type designLove type designLigature font designfont designtypography designletter form designalphabet font designfont typography designcustom typography letter forms R type stylestypography designVJ type design and typography


Kobe typeface was designed in 2018 in Paris by Jérémy Schneider. Kobe includes rational shapes and optical corrections for optimal reading comfort. Its identity is expressed in various details and unusual shapes.

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Dida is a display typeface full of surprise. Generous by its rounded shapes, geometric construction and soft lines. It's a playful font, heavy and breezy at the same time. A display typeface in one weight, designed in 2016 by Jérémy Schneider for the Parisian theater “Le Théâtre des Bouffes du Nord”.

 Dida typeface VJ TypeA Dida typeface VJ Typedida font typefacedida typography designdida numbers typography designdida typography design typefacedida type sample dida typeface vj typedida typography design typefacedida typography design typefacedida typographydida design typographydida typographydida typefacedida vj typeface designdida typography design typeface


The font is named Nord after "Le Théâtre des Bouffes du Nord". Nord is very bold, its angles are rounded and the base of the letters mixes broad and narrow bases. It has a little sister, the regular version called Sud. The combination of these two types create a beautiful harmony for titling. Nord is a custom typeface created in 2015 by Jérémy Schneider.

Nord typeface VJ TypeDida typeface VJ Type Designtypography design typefacenord typeface designnord typeface design vjtypenord font designnord typeface designnord typography design 


Sud is the undressed version of Nord. She’s thiner and softer. We randomly came to break parts of the letters to bring some irregularities.You can easily combine Nord and Sud. Sud was designed in 2015 by Jérémy Schneider

 typeface VJ Typetypeface VJ Typesud typeface designsud typography designsud font designsud letterforms fontsud font stylessub designsub font currency stylesud typeface designsud character design sud type symbolism


Traviata was launched in 2017 in Paris by Violaine & Jérémy. Traviata is the result of wanting to design a classic, elegant and refined title font with some strong off-beat details.

typeface VJ Typographytraviata type design stylestraviata typographytraviata type settraviata vj type font designtraviata vj type font designFont and typeface design By VJ Typetraviata typography


Canopée was created in 2016 by Jérémy Schneider, as part of the artistic direction of the magazine Welcome to the Jungle. This expressive character adopts an old-style classicism mixed with some particularly sharp aspects. The font is supported by many alternates.

CANOPEE font design VJ Typecanopee font design VJ Type designcanopee font design vj typecanopee typographycanopee font designcanopee font canopee font typographycanopee font design vj typecanopee font designcanopee font design vj type


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