Typography Design | Adobe Hidden Treasures

August 02, 2018

Typography Design | Adobe Hidden Treasures

Adobe Hidden Treasures is a campaign based around the creation of typographic artworks inspired by Bauhaus. The following project and approach was created by Anna Fahrmaier (Typejockeys) & Birgit Palma on behalf of Adobe.
The idea involved inviting guests from the #FutureOfDesign Tour in Hamburg to create individual artworks with their respective initials using core creative templates. The artwork could then be shared via social media using the hashtag #AdobeHiddenTreasures. 
The templates could be adapted and modified on-site based on individual preferences (shapes, colours, strokes, arrangement...). The result is a number of unique artworks that combine modern creativity with the timeless approaches of the Bauhaus.

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Adobe Hidden TreasuresBlue pattern typographydesigners creating typographyenvironmental design projection

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