The two step Lightroom processing will revolutionise your color grading. The Color Grading+ and Lightmap+ presets work in tandem to give you a highly flexible and powerful processing tool. The Color Grade+ presets adjust hue and tonal effects. The Lightmap+ presets then shape the image with light and shade. The Color Grade+ presets are available in a variety of classic effects, including Basic Color, Cinematic, Desaturated and Black & White. They include essential fine tuning such as sharpening and noise reduction. All effects are specifically designed to work with the Lightmap+ presets. This combination provides a unique approach to image processing. Once you've applied the Color Grade+ presets it's then time to craft the lighting and mood of your image. The Lightmap+ presets provide a library of presets that help shape your image by adding depth, light and shade. Images can be shaped in variety of ways allowing photographers a refined fast track approach to image processing.


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